About Myself

Back in the mists of time, I was born in a seaside town in Norfolk, England. I passed through the school system fairly unscathed, but developed a love for music (from my teacher, Geoff Knights) & art (thank you, Norman Toll). The natural route for me was, of course, art college – specifically Gt. Yarmouth College Of Art & Design. Encouraged by my tutor, Emrys Parry, I passed from Foundation Year to a Fine Art Degree course in Hull, which is where I met a young – we were all young then - Eric Goulden (later to become Wreckless Eric). After a spell at Newcastle University, I slid back down to earth with a bump.....Or rather, a slow buumppiiissshh.....

Since then, I’ve been in-&-out of bands (from London & back again to Hull!), & pursued both music (solo, bands, collaborations) & art ( from solo/group projects – installations, audio art, soundscapes, drawings & paintings,  – to part-time teaching of adults, mainly life drawing), since I’ve never been able to chose completely between the two. This might seem indecisive, but I feel passionately about both, & indeed sometimes both art & music do actually come together, as in the audio/visual projects I've undertaken. When that happens, it always makes me feel a lot better, knowing that I probably HAVE made the right choices in life, after all (possibly?!).

Graham Beck