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I was encouraged by my art teacher at school, Norman Toll, who let me loose on several bare walls within my Secondary School, to produce large, figurative & semi-abstract murals. The feedback was very positive. So, were it not for this, I might have pursued a career in the sciences!

Putting all this written/typed information on the website, has made me realise how eratic, & infrequent, my paintings have been - hence some of the older work seen on these pages. Infact, the drawing-side of my visual output is greater than the painting, but in no way does it compare to the number, or amount of 'sound projects' I regularly work on. However, I continue to get inspiration from my former Art Foundation tutor, & painter, Emrys Parry, & try to produce valid & worthwhile pieces of work in various forms - 2D & 3D, combined with, & separate to, the unseen element, that is ‘sound’. Ideas for painting come from a variety of sources, but mainly the human figure & our surroundings (including the landscape/the great outdoors!), & the interaction between the two. Since most of my new work is now video-based, & music-related, you can view it via Vimeo: or my Youtube channel:

Section of an acrylic painting , from 2002.

Diving Man (acrylic on hardboard, 1998)


2012 (Jan.–April) – ‘Rhinoceros Project’ – this was the last piece of work I produced. It was a drawing-based collaborative experiment of 40 artists from around the world (all communication via the internet). An online exhibition of work produced, by all participants, can be veiwed at:

1994- 2004 – Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Annual Winter Exhibition. Drawings & paintings.

1991 – Walkington Village Hall, East Yorkshire. An exhibition of collage work.

1976 – Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. A group exhibition of ex-students work from the Regional College of Art. Drawings & sculpture.


1990-present – part-time teaching of adults, in both Further Education & Adult Education courses, in Hull & the East Riding of Yorkshire –Drawing, Painting, Life Drawing, Historical & Contextual Studies. More recently, I've been running a private life drawing class in Hull, on Friday mornings during term time. It's an informail little group, with a great relaxed atmosphere, so please contact me if you're interested in coming along, & I'll send you all the details.

1991-present – one to five-day creative workshops in drawing, painting & life drawing (in Hull & the East Riding of Yorkshire), at various locations.

June 1995 – Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Four one-day drawing workshops, run in connection with a national touring exhibition, ‘Drawing The Line’.

Abstract No. 1

Abstract No. 2

On-going work:

One project that seems to be on-going, & has embraced the art/audio field, is entitled ‘Transition’. It is a series of drawings/paintings of the human figure (life-size), that flow one into the other, gradually becoming more-abstract as the composition unfolds. The 10m x 1.5m piece of work, starts off as a series of drawn, observational studies, & gradually moves into the medium of paint. During the course of the work, the location changed from a purpose-bulit life drawing room to another completely different building. So the title, 'Transition', also relates to the relocation, besides the drawn-to-painted element & observational-to-abstract-form element. The complete ‘process’ of working, including dialogue with the model, has been recorded with the intention of playing the audio with the displayed work in a gallery situation.

Study of Gorleston Beach & Shops

The Angel Of St. Cuthberts (Acrylic on paper, 2008)


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