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Album cover (Sept. 2020)

First haircut after lockdown.

BRITAIN'S GOT MORE TALENT (ITV2 2019) - on stage at The London Palladium!

BGMT (2019) - singing, dancing & playing...All at once!

BGMT (2019) - Onstage - me & Action Man with a giraffe's head.

BGMT (2019) - onstage with Stephen Mulhern.

BRITAIN'S GOT MORE TALENT (ITV2 2019) - Gurning on Saturday night TV.

BGMT (2019) - gurning with Stephen Mulhern.

BGMT (2019) - attempting to do the splits with Stephen Mulhern.

BGMT - me, Stephen Mulhern & Action Man with a giraffe's head.

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

I think it says it all. (2018)

KARDOMAH94, HULL (Nov. 2018).

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

KARDOMAH94, HULL (2018).

BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT (2018) - I appear in an advert for the ITV programme.

BGT (2018) - Ant & Dec, & me, performing at BLACKPOOL'S WINTER GAREDENS.

BGT (2018) - I'm down there somewhere, on the stage.

BELPER GOES GREEN (Eco Festival - 2018).

BELPER GOES GREEN (Eco Festival - 2018). An enthusiastic, if rather young, dancer.

BELPER GOES GREEN (Eco Festival - 2018). The audience keep their distance...& who would blame them?!

BELPER GOES GREEN (Eco Festival - 2018).



There are mini-keyboards, & there are MINI-keyboards. This is the latter. Belper (2018).

Big Head at Belper Goes Green (Eco Festival), N. Derbyshire, June 2018.

Filey Folk Festival - under the bandstand, May 2018.

Filey Folk Festival - The Bingo Caller Of Doom (at The Belle Vue, Filey, May 2018).



The rabbit has escaped, & it's on-stage @ Festival 8, Lincolnshire (July 2017) 

Lego Man comes to Festival 8, Lincolnshire (July 2017)

Bubble Wrap Man @ Kardomah94, Hull (Aug. 2017)

There are plastic gnomes @ Kardomah94, Hull (Aug. 2017)

Humber St. Sesh, Hull (Aug. 2017)

'Do The Bosch' @ Humber St. Sesh, Hull - ably assisted by Sue Butler (Aug. 2017)

Floating on a giant Fig Roll in Beverley Minster. Photo: Helen Baldwin

Cavorting about on Filey Brigg, playing Fig Roll Overkill as the tide approaches (May 2017)

Performing @ 'HavenFest', Hedon (2017)

The Batman @'HavenFest', Hedon (Aug. 2017)

The rabbit transformation @ WORM Festival, The Performance Bar, Humber St. Gallery, Hull (June 2017)

Perfroming ON 'The Performance Bar' @ WORM Fetsival, Humber St., Gallery, Hull (June 2017)

Live Session at BBC Introducing (Radio Humberside - Alan Raw show) 6.4.2017.

Me, Alysia & Morph (photo: Rich Duffy-Howard) - May 2017

Line-Up of small stage props

A car-full of stage props & music gear (off to gigs in Lincoln & Derbyshire - June 2017)

Cardboard Head @ Freedom Festival, Hull Sept. 2016 (Photo: Andy Clark)

Action Man @ Freedom Festival, Hull 2016 (Photo: Andy Clark)

Fig Roll Heads, plus George George (Photo: Andy Clark)

The Gnome Dance @ Freedom Festival, Hull 2016 (Photo: Andy Clark)

Humber Street Sesh (August 2016). Photo: Paul Saripo.

Humber St. Sesh (2016). Photo: Melvyn Marriot.

Humber St. Sesh (2016). Photo: Helen Baldwin.

At home, with the rabbit, & glowing sibling rabbit (Dec. 2016).

With 'The Human Gnome' @ Filey Folk Festival (2016)

Playing an acoustic set @ Masonic Hall, Filey Folk Festival (2016)

I have wings! Belle Vue, Filey Folk Festival (2016)

On the beach during Filey Folk Festival (May 2017). Photo: Helen Baldwin

Playing a proper piano! The Orangery, Sewerby Hall (2015).

FILEY (July 2016). I'm always attracted to over-sized ice cream cones.

SHANTI-FEST, Lincolnshire (2nd July 2016). Action Man With A Head Of A Giraffe.

SHANTI-FEST, Lincolnshire (2nd July, 2016). Has The Rabbit Escaped? It looks like it.

Poster for 'Variety Night' at Kardomah94.

Mr. Smiley (taken by Rich Duffy-Howard at Loudhailer Acoustic Night, June 2016).

On the beach at Filey, doing what every rabbit does (digging a hole). Photo: Helen Baldwin.

The Batman @ Freedom Festival, Hul (Sept. 2016). Photo:Rupert Creed

Promo shot from 1984 (London), & the emergence of Graham Graham Beck.

Street performance @ Freedom Festival, Hull (2015).

Gnome Protection Goggles.

Hypnotising the Gnome, The Blue Bell, Cottingham (Dec. 2015).

Lego Head at O'Reily's, Hull (2014)

Figure dancing at Filey Folk Festival (Belle Vue Stage), 2014.

Making a point @ Hessle Town Hall (supporting Arthur Brown, Nov. 2014).

A man happy with his lot. Loudhailer Acoustic Night, 2014.

Performance at Springboard Music Festival Festival, Cottingham (May 2015).

Wearing 'Gnome Protection Goggles' for 'There Are Plastic Gnomes At Asda' (2015).

Once again, supporting the great The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (Oct. 2015).

On-stage as The Batman, @ Howden's Shire Hall (Oct. 2015).

In the studio, working on the album, LO-FI MUSIC FOR HI-FI PEOPLE (2015).

Filey Folk Festival. The Belle Vue Stage. 2014.

Poster for Minster Records 'in-store' gig (2014)

Recognition Festival, Princes Quay, Hull, Sept. 2014.

Stage set-up (with Garden Gnome) @ Hessle Town Hall, Nov. 2014.

Chatting to Arthur Brown post-gig.

Supporting the 'God Of Hell Fire', himself!...(2014)

Performing at HEDFEST (2015) - 'Has The Rabbit Escaped?'.

Fig Roll Overkill video, being shown at 'The Tea Break Film Festival, Hull (2013)

The Grafton Hotel, Hull, 2013

The Union Mash-Up, Hull (2013)

FILEY FOLK FESTIVAL, May 2014. Venue: The Belle Vue. The Fig Roll Head!


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