Graham Graham Beck

Keyboard player, performer, singer-songwriter, audio soundscapist & enthusiastic synth knob-twiddler.
My music doesn't fall into any particular category, although 'Alternative Theatrical Pop' seems to emcompass what I'm doing at the moment (particularly my stage act). There are elements of pop, rock, rock 'n roll, jazz, vaudeville, ambient, electronic noodlings & other accidental sources, particularly when I'm recording. 'Live' performance takes the music in a more-Surreal direction, with various stage props used to 'enhance' the songs, & this is where 'lo-tech theatre/vaudeville' comes into play - 'play' being the operative word.


All four solo albums, including 'BATHFUL' (2013), 'LO-TECH' (2015), 'REVERSING SIDEWAYS' (2016) & 'LEISURE LAND' (2017), can be bought from the 'Buy' page (physical CDs), or can be downloaded via Bandcamp - just search for 'Graham Graham Beck'.

A Potted History

I followed a 'musical path' whilst at Hull Regional College Of Art during the 1970's, with the help of AMM drummer Eddie Prevost (who taught me improvisation), & fellow student Eric Goulden (who basically changed my life, musically, forever!). We formed RUBY & THE TAKEAWAYS (with Eric, guitar & vocals, Arthur Smee, drums & vocals, & myself on electric piano & vocals)...............
3 years later, & back in Gt. Yarmouth, local band PARISHEIGHTS came together - when I really started writing my own numbers. Next stop............

London: In bands PENGUIN FURY (which included bass player Charlie Sinclair, from Kilburn & The Highroads - a video can be seen at: ), DEAR JOHN & lastly THE WORRY DOLLS. In between, I was working on solo recordings, collaborations, recording sessions & gigs.

Hull: Past bands have included HULL MAN, THE ORDINAIRES, BRAZIL, FRANK, BIG SPIDER BECK (duo), MENU (psychedelic pop duo) & FEAR OF BICYCLES (experimental/jazz/rock/noise-thing)...& apart from my own solo performance/recording, & other ambient/jazzy/electro/improvisation stuff, I've taken part in Art-based webcasts & events (see 'Art' section for more details). There have been occasional gigs with WRECKLESS ERIC, as well as playing keyboards on 5 tracks of Eric's album, 'Bungalow Hi'. I've also joined him & AMY RIGBY on stage for a few numbers.

The present

SOLO - Playing/singing/acting-out my own songs, under the name (& alter-ego) of GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK. There have been numerous live performances around the UK, & further afield - just me, a home keyboard & a growing number of cardboard stage props. By 'blurring boundaries', I hope to take the audience to a new experience.  

With four albums under my belt, there have been numerous radio-plays on BBC6Music & BBC Radio Humberside (plus other commercial & online radio stations). Gigs & festivals are on-going. Stay tuned for more news!!


There are numerous videos 'out there' to accompany my songs (besides the typical live perfomance videos), which includes 'You Are A Giant' (2012). The stop-frame animations are: 'Fig Roll Overkill' (2013),  'A Song For Those Not Listening' (2014), 'I Think, Therefore I'm Not' & 'Merry-Go-Round' (both 2015) & 'There Are Plastic Gnomes At Asda' (2016).

See the dedicated 'Music Videos' page for examples.


'LEISURE LAND' (GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK - Oct. 13th 2017) - part-instrumental album. Playing all instruments/percussion, samples & vocals.

• 'UTTERANCES' (various artists, on the 'LINEAR OBSESSIONAL' label - DEC. 2016) - a free download-only compilation album. 120 tracks, all 2-minutes each. A diverse collection of human voice-based pieces. Experimental. My track is no.40 - 'HipHopSkipJump' (spoken word + DJ Stylophone & keyboard).

• 'REVERSING SIDEWAYS IN AN UPWARD DIRECTION' (GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK - 2016) - playing all the instruments (& percussion) on the album, plus vocals.

• 'LO-TECH MUSIC FOR HI-TECH PEOPLE' (GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK - 2015) - mainly all-analogue music gear. Vocals + keys, guitars & add. percussion.

• 'A BATHFUL OF NASTURTIUMS' (GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK - 2013) - vocals + all sorts of things, with guest musicians. 

• 'TAKEAWAY' (MENU 2012) - vocals, piano, various synths, Hammond B3, Moog Theremin, loops, samples & FX.

• '3 1/2' (FEAR oF BICYCLES 2012) - playing on all tracks (various keyboards & devices, samples , FX).

• 'ONE DOVER SOUL' (ALAN CLAYSON - 2012) - on tracks 'Celestial City' & 'Teenage Runaway', playing piano. Produced by Wreckless Eric.

• 'SERVE HOT WITH CUSTARD' (FEAR oF BICYCLES 2011) - a three-track EP - playing on all tracks (keyboards, samples, FX

• 'THIS IS NOT A CD' (FEAR oF BICYCLES 2010) - playing on all tracks (keyboards, samples, FX).

• 'FoB' (FEAR oF BICYCLES 2009) - playing on all tracks (keyboards, Moog Theremin, FX & 'rubbish guitar'). 

• 'YOU ARE LISTENING' (209 RADIO, various artists - 2005) - 'Awakening', solo recording playing Moog Theremin & FX units.

• 'BUNGALOW HI' (WRECKLESS ERIC - 2004) - on tracks 'Same' playing piano; 'Ladypower' playing synth & harmonium; 'Zulus' playing synth & Hammond; 'Local' playing piano, synths & Farfisa Compact; 'Housewives' playing synth.

• 'ONE MORE BITE OF MY HEART' (PETE BITE, single, 1984) - playing piano & organ.