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It's Time To Go (Sci-Fi Remix) - the video (2023)

Graham Graham Beck @ Sci-Fi Weekender XIII (11.11.2022)

Updated Promotional GGB Video

Live Performance Video - FILEY FOLK FESTIVAL (The Belle Vue stage, 2019).

A selection of snippets from my Saturday evening performance, in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Action Man With A Giraffe's Head

This is the 'Disco-Techno Remix' of the song, Action Man With A Giraffe's Head. From the 2017 album, 'Reversing Sideways In An Upward Direction', it's taken until 2018 to film & edit it (there's been such a lot going on recently!). But, here it is, in all it's glory. Please make sure you're sitting down to watch it.

The Missing Sink – live performance (Nov. 2018)

This is a live perfromance version of The Missing Sink (from the 2018 album, 'No Gigs 'Til Filey'). It was recorded & 'enhanced' by Helen Baldwin at Kardomah94, Hull, on 24.11.2018. It's fairly rudimentary, but gets to the 'nitty gritty' of it all - I think.

Hull One Minute Film Festival – I Think, Therefore I'm Not (2015)

This is one of two stop-frame animations, that were made specifically for The Hull One Minute Film Festival, & shown as part of the Open Submissions category in 2016.

There Are Plastic Gnomes At Asda

A stop-frame animation of the track, There Are Plastic Gnomes At Asda, & taken from 2015's album, 'Lo-Tech Music For Hi-Tech People'. It took about a year-&-a-half to complete, due to a house move in the middle! Ironically, it came out nearly two months after the release of the next album (in 2016).

A Song For Those Not Listening

A stop-frame animation (finished in Jan. 2014), using my song, 'A Song For Those Not Listening', as the soundtrack. It's dedicated to those people who are in the audience, but never listen. They'll never know, simply because they're never listening!

Fig Roll Overkill

A stop-frame animation, featuring several types of biscuit, & made in 2013. The track is taken from my first solo album, A Bathful Of Nasturtiums.


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