About me...

'MAN OF MANY HEADS' (as described by the great Arthur Brown, who I've supported three times), & 'that bloke from the telly' (...You know, the weird one that got buzzed-off BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT!)

My stage act blurs the boundaries between music & visual performance. The songs bring out the 'strangeness' in 'the ordinary'. Just one man, one voice (you'll be lucky if you get any more than that) & his home keyboard...& some (cardboard) stage props. I write BIG songs about the small, but important, things in life, such as biscuits, packaging, The Batman, Godzilla, bathroom suites & monkeys - to name but a few. No subject is too small to be BIG. I think I'll adopt that as my next catch-phrase!

The hummable/sing-a-long tunes are catchy, dancey, & range from Pop, Rock & Dance, through to Latin American & Big Band - & all from just ONE bloke! Predictably unpredictable, family-friendly & entertaining (so I've been told). I have been described as Music Hall, Surreal, funny, different, unique, 'subverting the ordinary' & 'a mature punk'. I'm probably all of those, but with a dash of Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band meets John Shuttleworth, via Dave Brubeck, Frank Sidebottom, Eno, Max Wall, Jake Thackray & Arthur Brown.

Yes, I WAS on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, but I'm not sure that the judges panel were on the same wavelength! I've recently featured on TOM ROBINSON'S MIXTAPE & his show for BBC6MUSIC, with songs ACTION MAN WITH A GIRAFFE'S HEAD, HIPHOPSKIPJUMP & A QUIET EVENING IN. They're on BBC6Music & BBC Introducing playlists, along with CARDBOARD IS KING, & more recently, LOFTUS ERECTUS INTERRUPTUS. I also played a live session on Alan Raw's BBC Introducing in April (2017).

The latest album, 'LEISURE LAND' (Oct. 2017), IS STILL AVAILABLE! You can buy it, & other albums, via the 'Buy' tab, or digital versions are available (at a ridiculously low price) on my Bandcamp page. The links are above. There is also a recent release, an 'ambient side project' entitled, 'SOUNDS FROM THE TENFOOT' (May 2018) which is also available as a digital download (& even more ridiculously cheap!) from Bandcamp...Ooohh, there's so many goodies!!

Gigs & things coming up....

QUOTES: DAVID WALLIAMS (Judge on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT) - "Even by my standards of wierdness, I found that very weird!"...TOM ROBINSON (BBC6MUSIC) - "...That was a slice of sonic insanity from Graham Graham Beck. So odd, they named him twice".

Gigs coming up in 2018 @: THE FOX'S DEN, VIXEN RADIO live session (October)...THE JOLLY BREWER, Lincoln (October)...JOHN PEEL DAY, Cottingham (November). Go to the 'Gigs' tab for extra info.

NEW ALBUM OUT 5th NOVEMBER! ...Yes, a date to remember (...remember the 5th of November)!! NO GIGS 'TIL FILEY will be available to buy from the online store, & MP3s from my Bandcamp page. 14 tracks of wonderfulness!

RECORD CLOLLECTOR MAGAZINE (Mar. 2017) - I appeared in an article about Hull's 'Musical Hertitage' (& I've never seen myself as heritage material before!), which included 'HUMBERSIDE'S TOP TEN'...& at the number 10 spot was my song, 'FIG ROLL OVERKILL'!! 

PLEASE NOTE: I am my own tribute band.

The Arty bit...

Video, audio work, sound installation/soundscapes, drawing, painting...& Life Drawing sessions

This is my 'other side', & I suppose it's what I trained for all those years ago at art college. I rarely produce drawings & paintings now, but I am always producing, & exploring, particularly the 'ambient side' of my work...& when it comes to stage props & presentation, well, my imagination suddenly takes hold! For more details & artwork, click on the 'Art' & 'Images' drop-down menus.

PRIVATE LIFE DRAWING CLASSES - Thursday mornings @ Skidby Village Hall, Skidby; Friday mornings @ St. Cuthberts Church Hall, Hull (this one is a casual 'drop-in' session). All sessions are from 10:00 am  -  midday. Please contact me for more details. Sessions are on a termly-basis of x10 weeks, that usually fit in with school dates. Email: